why the El fuego fire pit?


No Wood Smoke. Perfect for small gardens, camping, family picnics and fishing trips. If you dislike smelling of bonfire and wood smoke, the El Fuego is your perfect companion. Practicall no smoke, so neighbours will never know you're having a fire.


The El Fuego Firepit emits only 1.4kg of CO2/hr where other firepits discharge up to 10-15kgs/hr, making the El Fuego the most eco friendly firepit on the planet.


If you hate waiting for your firepit to warm up on a chilly evening, rest assured that the El Fuego firepit lights in just a few seconds, without any wood collecting faff in sight! Just go to our tips to watch the video and see for yourself.


No need to worry about dying embers, or how to put out the fire. The El Fuego Firepit is simply extinguished by placing its lid back into place. Takes just a few seconds - see the how to video in our tips.


The El Fuego Firepit works with a high burn candle made of 100% biodegradable vegetable wax. Not only is this better for the environment (no wood burn), but it has also been sustainably sourced from recommended and audited suppliers.


Find it a pain having to collect wood, amass kindling and fumble with firelighters? The El Fuego Firepit will burn for hours producing a consistent flame that is both hypnotic and therapeutic. This amazing flame needs no attention and will dance at the same height without being tendered to, unlike other firepits.


Weighing very little and fitted with specially equipped handles, the El Fuego is the perfect size to be taken anywhere you desire. Easily movable for BBQ evenings and small enough to pop in your car.


Make the most out of your outside space with the neat composite wood design that adds structural and textual interest to your garden. Perfect for small spaces, gardens as well as a big impact on a camping trip!