Other Frequently asked questions

If the Fire Pit is not Lighting and is not fully flamed then the full surface wax is not fully melted after 10 mins, try putting an eco firelighter in very carefully so it does not splash hot wax. The top layer of wax has to be fully melted liquid for the wax to ignite as well as the wick to give full impact flame. The Wick heats up the wax and the wax then burns to full potential and sometimes needs a little help. 1 in a 100 of our El Fuego Firepits will be what we call “Flooded” with liquid wax and the wick cannot get to full potential. If your candle is not lighting you can do one of two things.

1. If your garden firepit candle is flooded or not lighting and looks like image 1 and 2 after 10-20mins, It is because the wick is flooded with wax. This will only happen on the first ignition.

2. Solution to start an El Fuego firepit When lighting add a firelighter and that will assist the wax to heat up faster and will results in image 3. If you don’t have a fire lighter, screw up a golf ball size of newspaper and put it into the melted wax and that will get her going.

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Yes, though be careful as the drum itself obviously does get very hot (like most firepits). We suggest that when burning on grass or wooden decking you put a heat resistant tile or wooden plate under the burner to avoid it scorching.

There is 6.5kg of wax, the part that’s burning turns to liquid (Similar to a normal candle) the rest remains solid until the last hour.

No! You will need to use the initial 12hr Container or you can upgrade to the new Fire Drum. When it is empty all you do is drop the refill into the empty container and use again.

We recommend after 2-3 burns clean out all residue from the drum and all ready to use again.

100% biodegradable vegetable was which has been sustainable sourced from recommended audited suppliers.

We do not recommend it as they could tip over. Once they are placed into the burner they are more secure and much safer.

The Firepit is made from a composite called MGO, this will withstand extreme heat produced from our candles. After the first Burn you may see some cracks or bubbles, This is just cosmetic and will not effect the structure at all. We recommend extending the legs to max height to allow for consistent airflow to run through the chamber to stay cooler. This is Normal. The extreme heats create movement between hot and cold, nevertheless the composite is structured to deal with this movement. It will not affect the performance. Like Chimenea’s and ceramic ovens there will be cracks that appear. The Fire Drum which is dropped into the top rim will help protect the sides and keep it neat. It also produces more flame. When the Fire is out and the table top is situated on the base you will not see the tainted blackened top part of the firepit. After all it is a firepit and they are never pristine like a kitchen oven.

The Crop Candle Company is part of Sustainable Wines of Great Britain and sits alongside the likes of Marks and Spencers and Waitrose. We provide UK vineyards with an Eco friendly solution with our Crop Candles that heat up vineyards during the frost season to protect the bud freezing frost. The 30,000 kjs/hr of heat produced such an amazing flame and heat that we decided to design a casing which would be safe for consumers to use the candle in a sociable environment. We called it the El Fuego Fire Pit; the world’s first wax alternative fuel for domestic use. Now with a secured patent, the El Fuego is now going global. Due to its incredibly low CO2 emission and no woodsmoke pollution, it is making a new revolution in the firepit community. We plan to have new designs cooing out soon, so watch this space.

The Crop Candle Company AKA El Fuego Firepits and EcoFuego have a 14 day return policy on select orders over 125 GBP, on Mainland UK. Free shipping of returns is included.