Seriously Hot.
Smokeless. Firepit.

features and specifications

El Fuego Fire Pit | No smoke Fire Pit | Fire with Line through to show EL Fuego Fire Pits are completely smokeless.

The El Fuego Eco Fire pit is ideal for small gardens as it produces no pollution from wood smoke, with the added sociable benefit that you and your guests will not smell of bonfire at the end of the evening.

El Fuego fire pits | sustainable fire pit | image depicting leaf to show sustainability of El fuego fire pits.

The El Fuego Eco Fire Pit burns only 1.4kg of CO2/hr compared to conventional fire pits, which burn up to 15kg CO2/hr. Just one of our 100% vegetable refills burn the equivalent of 90-100 kiln dried logs.

El Fuego Fire Pit Takes no time to light | instant light fire pit | clock showing how quickly el fuego fire pit can light.

Easy to light in minutes and put out in seconds by just replacing the lid. The El Fuego Fire Pit produces a constant, large, hot flame that keeps on giving with NO maintenance.

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